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Tailored Education Sessions for

Primary, Pre School, Care Givers, Parents and

Health Professionals

It is time to raise awareness and improve the understanding and management of asthma, COPD and other respiratory conditions.

You can make a difference in your community.

How we can help you

Education Services provided free to you

  • Asthma education session to staff and/or parents at schools and preschools
  • Information sessions to community groups
  • Advice on equipment that best suits an individual's needs
  • Education about medications, inhalers and spacers
  • Telephone advice
  • Resources for people and those supporting others with asthma,  COPD and other respiratory conditions
  • Quarterly Newsletter with helpful information and advice as well as details of upcoming events
  • Education and updates for health professionals in the latest asthma and COPD management (part charge may apply)

Education is available to: -

  • Schools and Pre Schools
  • Health Professionals
  • Community Groups


Schools and Pre Schools

FREE tailored education sessions provided by our Registered Nurse Educators for Primary and Pre School Teachers, Parents and Students are available.

Our 30 - 45 minute staff and/or parent education sessions provide a practical knowledge regarding medications, day to day management of asthma and the emergency management of asthma.

Each session will cover improving understanding of asthma, recognising an asthma attack as well as asthma first aid.

An asthma first aid kit and other resources will be provided.

With 1 in 7 children on medication for asthma all teachers will have students with asthma or other respiratory conditions within their classrooms, but do you fully understand this condition?

How well do you understand what to look for and what to do when children have asthma symptoms at school?

Do you want to be recognised as an Asthma Friendly School?

Asthma & COPD fundamentals course

Asthma and COPD Fundamentals Course

The Asthma+Respiratory Foundation NZ, in collaboration with Whitiea NZ, have designed this course to provide nurses with the necessary skills to offer asthma and COPD self-management education to their patients.  This course equates to 20 hours of ongoing education for nurses.

This course is delivered via four online modules followed by a one day face to face Masterclass.  CanBreathe are an approved provider of the Masterclass.

The four online modules include

 1. Asthma fundamentals (Current statistics for NZ, anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system, functions and control of respiration, features of asthma such as early and late phases, triggers, occupational and exercise induced asthma, diagnosis and tests).


2. Asthma Management (Goals of treatment, medications, adult and child asthma guidelines, treatable traits, asthma action plans).


3. COPD Management (COPD statistics in NZ, morbidity and mortality, causes and onset of COPD, signs and symptoms, pathophysiology, diagnosis, goals of management, self-management and COPD guidelines)


4. Health Promoting Practice (Social determinants of health, health promoting practice, cultural responsiveness and health literacy)


Cost: Online course modules - $180

For more information and to enrol for the online modules contact the asthma foundation


The Masterclass must be attended within six months of completing the online modules.

The next Masterclass will be held on Friday 21st May 2021

Masterclass Details

When: 9am - 4pm, Friday 21st May

Where: 196 Hills Road, Shirley, Christchurch
(free street parking available on Warrington St and Shirley Rd)

Cost: $120 per participant - includes workbook.

Morning/afternoon tea and lunch provided.


To register for the Masterclass complete the Asthma and COPD Fundamentals Masterclass registration form and email it to


For more information contact us at CanBreathe.

Health Professionals

Tailored on-site respiratory education for rest home, home based support staff and other health professional groups. Presented in one-hour modules (or shorter on request).

Topics include COPD and Asthma, medications and devices. Information can be tailored according to group requirements. For more information or to book a session contact us.

Community Groups

CanBreathe Nurse Educators are available to provide information and education about asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and maintaining good lung health to community groups and public / private organisations.

We ensure the presentations are relevant to the particular needs of the group.

Community group presentations have included:-

  • parent groups
  • Probus
  • cultural groups
  • Grey Power
  • Rotary and Lions Clubs
  • workplaces

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