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Will my child grow out of his/her asthma?

Many children will have an improvement in their asthma symptoms as they grow older, but the potential for asthma symptoms to occur remains. Children with severe asthma or those with allergies are less likely to grow out of their asthma but all children can be helped to control their asthma and be as free of symptoms as possible.

I only get asthma in the winter, do I still need to take my preventer inhaler in the summer?

Most people have a number of triggers for their asthma and need to use a preventer inhaler every day, all year round. A few people have truly seasonal asthma and may be able to control their asthma well by using their preventer over the period of time that they have problems. It is important that the preventer is taken every day for that period of time. Any adjustment or variation in the time that medication is taken should only be done on the advice of your doctor.

What does a spacer do?

A spacer is a simple plastic device that is used with the aerosol (puffer) type inhalers. A spacer increases the effectiveness of the inhaler by enabling 50% more medication to reach the small airways. Using a spacer also reduces the amount of medication powder that sticks to the tongue, throat and upper airway thereby reducing some side effects.

Spacers are available free from your General Practice

Will oxygen help my COPD?

Oxygen is given to some people with COPD to reduce the strain on their heart. It is not suitable for all people with COPD and can only be prescribed with the approval of a specialist physician.

Useful Links

Asthma + Respiratory Foundation – resources and education information, NZ asthma guidelines and research

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Don’t Forget To Breathe – a guide for people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Global Initiative for Asthma – international guidelines and research

Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease – international guidelines and research on COPD

Smokefree Canterbury – smoke free resources, information and cessation services

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