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CanBreathe source a range of products and resources to help aid the management and understanding of respiratory conditions. Some items are available free of charge. The Product Price List  provides a full list of items available for purchase. If you would like to purchase any of the products listed,  please contact CanBreathe. Members of CanBreathe enjoy discounts on a range of products.  Become a member today.


La Petite spacer

Spacer Devices

Spacers are recommended for use with metered dose inhaler devices (puffers) to allow more medication to get to the lungs and be more effective.  The standard spacer device can be used with any metered dose inhaler (puffer) and is available free through your GP or CanBreathe.   These are available in two sizes.

For more information on how to care for your spacer check out this quick video

Cost: free

The LaPetite spacer is available through CanBreathe at a small charge.  This is a small portable spacer for use with any metered dose inhaler (puffer) and has the ability to split apart for easy cleaning and to carry your puffer inside to save space.  This is a single patient re-usable device which can fit easily in a purse, pocket, glovebox or child's lunchbox. Suitable for adults and children.

Cost: See the Product Price List for current prices

Asthma Peak Flow Meter

Peak Flow Meters

Peak Flow Meters are used to monitor asthma control and early detection of asthma flare ups in conjunction with your GP or Asthma educator.  They can be used with a peak flow diary.  For more information on how to use a peak flow meter and peak flow monitoring talk to your doctor or contact us at CanBreathe.  Peak flow diaries are not recommended for use with children.  These are available free through your GP or CanBreathe.

Cost: free

Nebuliser giving sets

Nebuliser Giving Sets

A Giving Set includes the tubing, Nebuliser bowl and mask or mouthpiece used for administering prescribed medication via a Nebuliser.

Cost: See the Product Price List for current prices

Nebuliser Filters


CanBreathe stocks a range of nebuliser filters are used for various models of nebuliser.  It is recommended that filters are replace annually.

Cost: See the Product Price List for current prices



This device helps to loosen bronchial mucous and clear the airways in conjunction with your daily mucous clearance exercises.  Talk to your doctor or physiotherapist to see if this device is appropriate for your respiratory condition and management.

Cost: See the Product Price List for current prices

For more information on other available products please check out the full Product Price List

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