Thank You to Our Supporters

Please show your support for the organisations that have supported us so generously,

so that we are able to continue to provide free services to our community

Support CanBreathe - The Canterbury Asthma Society

Your support and generosity enables us to provide education, support and services to those effected by respiratory conditions throughout Canterbury.

We are grateful to trusts, club, organisations, local businesses and individuals who contribute financially and provide support in kind throughout the year.

Without your continued support we would be unable to reach those in need living within our community or provide essential education about asthma, COPD and other respiratory conditions - thank you

Donations and Grants

Donations and grants are an important source of income for CanBreathe and without the generous support of individuals, businesses, trusts and other organisations we could not continue to provide our full range of services and support to people with respiratory conditions.

We are grateful to the following organisations have provided major donations or grants to support our service delivery over the last year:

Sponsorship and Support in Kind

There are many ways you can support CanBreathe which don't involve making a monetary donation.  Provision of services free of charge or donation of goods to be utilised by clients are just some of the ways you are able to show support our community in need.

Help us to continue to provide free services to our community